10 Best Shaver Point 2020 – [ Do Not Buy Before Reading This! ]

One of the most recommendable electric shavers as Norleco Electric shavers which is ordered through both either offline shops or by using online shopping sites.

The electric shavers are easily available in following places –

  1. Medical stores.
  2. Supermarket.

The electric shaver is very portable and easy to use the product. Everyone likes to use this because it saves time as well as money. We don’t need to go to the salon for shaving. They are compact in shape and size and easily available on the market.

Every year we observe the new invention in the world of electronics, so it is quite difficult to choose the one from them. There are some points you should keep in mind while selecting the perfect shaver as per your needs.

How to choose an electric shaver:

It is human psychology that a lot of choices make us confuse and it becomes difficult to choose the one from them. Each brand having two to three blades of shavers and wet and dry features. Different types of movement and all that stuff is common in the shaver.

Always choose the one who has comfortable blades and a long battery life. There are many shavers available which are not good in battery performance. You should pick the one who has more battery life.

Select the good razor shaver so that it can shave easily. Also, check for the safety razor so that it cannot harm your skin.

Choose the one according to your budget and you should check the durability of the product.

Best electric shaver:

Braun Series 7-790cc:

This is one of the best shavers and it is on the top of the list. It provides a close shave and it is very affordable. This product is very durable and safe to use. It doesn’t make noise and has a cleaning and charging system.

The only downside of this product is it is not supporting the wet and dry feature.

Braun Series 9 9095cc:

It is the latest model and the best option if you want to buy a shaver. It is a bit expensive and comes with a full plastic body. It has an additional trimmer so that you can directly cut. It was wet and dry features. It does not make noise. It gives you a smooth shaving experience.

Panasonic arc ES-LV95-S:

This brand is already popular for its best electronics gadgets and you can buy this without any hesitation. This shaver comes with a bunch of features and qualities. It is a bit noisy but you can neglect this fact.

This product is easy to use and the cleaning system is also available. The display system is quite outstanding. It is suitable for rough skin and not compatible with sensitive skin. It has lift tech foil and it reminds you that how much time you spent on it. It also indicates the battery notification.

Philips Norelco 9300:

It is one of the versatile shavers you can buy. It is a very flexible and comfortable shaver. It was a wet and dry shaving system. It is easy to clean and gives a closer shave.

A good electric shaving machine with benefits and advanced technology has not only made shaving easy but it also gives you a safe and smooth experience of shaving.

Benefits of electric shaver:

First and foremost, it saves you time and energy. For hours you don’t need to wax or shave. It will get the work done very quickly in a very short time. It is ideal for delicate skin because it keeps your skin from being cut and rashes from burning.

It also enables you without skin problems or irritation to cut your hair. Prevents incubated hair making your skin rough while using this electric shaver, you don’t have to worry about incubating hair.

Find the right shaver for you:

Making the leap from cartridge shavers to electric shavers can seem daunting when you look at all the options available. A number of blades, attachments, cleaning stands, wet or dry, cords and charging – all will have a slightly different way of shaving, and everyone has their own favorite model and make.

But whether you’re looking for a shaver to last for the long run or splashing out for a special someone, our guide can help you navigate the options available.

Rotary Vs foil blades:

Rotary blades are three circular blades that sit on top of an electric shaver. They work by quickly lifting and cutting hair on the face and neck, and easily adapt to the contours of the face to give a comfortable shave. By moving rotary razors in a circular pattern, it’s easy to shave the hair off and return to your clean-shaven self.

Dry Vs wet:

Wet shaving isn’t about shaving in the shower – although some shavers are waterproof. It’s whether or not you need to lather up your face with gel or shaving foam before turning on your shaver. However, it can also mean that shavers need cleaning more often or clog up faster.

Dry shaves are less trouble; it doesn’t have to be done over the sink or in the bathroom, and it can be done quickly and easily before work. Perfect for the man who enjoys five extra minutes in bed rather than a long morning routine.


Norelco is renowned for electric shavers and other men’s and women’s personal care products as well. Initially, the name used by Philips was the Phil save trademark until 2006, which changed its name to Philips.

Philips produced the first electric shaver in 1939. It lasted about 10 years when they launched two-headed shaver to become a successful brand.

Norelco shavers are one of the world’s finest products, but their prices are greater than other products. While designing, they have regarded various problems such as battery capacity, head motion, price ranges along with innovative technology.

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Before jumping to any type of shaver or accessories, you need to know all details of types and other details. Understands the advantages and disadvantages is the most import factor before choosing shaver.

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